3300 volts
powers suburban trains
shrivelling him to the size of a ham
“I got used to it,”
he said,
“And I can’t stop”
7:40 A.M.
Nilopolis Station
Red laceless basketball shoes
yellow Bermuda shorts
and a plaid shirt
Top speed 75 M.P.H.

“Its our sport.
If you fall you’ve gone soft
and your finished”
The king is dead,
his successor too
Arm in a sling
Hit the cable three times
and survived

lost egs
Street hawker office boy
and glass cutter
Burns bald patch and scar
on display
“Whoever falls, was”

Baixada Fluminen
Five a day murdered
death squad drug
dragged from the river
Some sell candy

“Surfing is a joke
that leads to nothing,”
she said.
“But the air up there is so good”

No proof surfing ever
caused a rail disaster
$2.00 fine
Bottle of wine
but no surfing for the moment
Woolen hat
scarf wrapped head
out of the window
to the top of the train

screaming wailing stamping feet
and a blue flash
“Don’t worry,”
she sais,
“Somebody would have said something
if one of them were dead”

The air up there is so good.