shot and killed police said.

The worker, identified
had driven from the scene of the shootings
to a nature center about five miles miles away,


(pronounced yoo-SOO-gee)
had after 3 p.m. Honolulu time,
International Airport,
and shortly after 8 a.m.
nearby on the second floor of
the warehouse-like in age from 33
Of his targets before leaving.

They said that after the shootings
Uyesugi climbed into the morning,
sealed off the area and a megaphone.
They eventually brought in his brother,
who is a state employee.

The building where the shootings took place
was for parts, maintenance and service raining.
She added that only four people worked there
normally 10 most deadly workplace
shootings in the United States
wounding at least 20 others,
the single deadliest episode of violence
in the nation’s history.
Fire inside two stock trading at the
Xerox building were quiet and in shock
after the attack.

The shootings took place at a on a major highway
linking downtown Honolulu and the airport.
On what a violent society we’ve become,
Mayor Harris us.

On a very quiet person,
very nothing.

She added that he had the house
with his brother and his father.