She can’t bear that South Africans aren’t bolder. She loves the idea of going back but waits wondering what there is to go back to. She sat on the toilet to hide the bullet. I watched it on the BBC. There wasn’t enough to convict for murder but maybe yes for manslaughter.  A really good thing, he said, they didn’t let emotions cloud in a way that caused justice not to be served. You are right that was a jury thing and a jury of his peers would have had to be all white. Now how stupid is that.

It is safe up in the attic.  My brother in law is a hunter. He goes out every day this time of year. I’d rather go fishing.

Club 71 living on its Lonely Planet reviews. But it is peaceful here. If you want extra lime juice it will cost you more. So what is our plan. I want to fish. Snake. Monkey. A man of few words actually a child learning to speak.

He thinks he is a poet reading what he has written while drinking Tsing Tao. He is an Australian with a bad hair cut.

I am not settled but I am getting there.

Don’t need to go to club 71 anymore.


(Club 71 is a small bar in HongKong. Enter through the alley next to 69 Hollywood.)