They were not too sure how it had once been, what it had once been, and they didn’t see much of a need to go back to where they had been anyway. It wasn’t a place they cared to see again. Even it was a free land or a place where freedom was praised it didn’t seem to them, once they had left it behind, that they had left so very much behind after all.

Now they found themselves in another place which didn’t tout its freedom oh so very much but the one thing they noticed was that in this new place they could walk down the street and people would not look away from them as they passed or they wouldn’t cross over to the other side as happened sometimes in the other place. Plus, in the stores, people waited patiently in line, and would hold their place when they happened to forget something, such as a quart of milk, which happened sometimes as having moved there was a lot of be done, and no one objected or gave them a funny look when they returned to the same place in line. This was a place, a place where freedom was never spoken of, they felt they could come to like, and like very much.