October 20, 2009. 12:15 PM NYC

There was a performance of Section II PROJECT Finnegans Wake on October 20, 2009. This version was confined to Book IV and began at 12:15 PM, New York DST.  The date was selected at random, and when it turned out to be a Tuesday a time was selected that seemed most convenient.

This version was set for nine readers, with parts assigned using the chart below. Since announcing the reading, I had more people join the group and a few of the parts were doubled.

I read the opening of Book IV in New York’s Central Park, on the path that runs by the pond by Central Park South. This is a fairly quiet spot, but I did have a steady stream of tourists, dog walkers and office workers out for lunch.  Others read from Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park, Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square,  Washington Square in New York and the grandstand atop the TKTS booth in New York’s Time Square.


October 20, 2009 12:30PM
October 20, 2009 12:30PM

Tim Ahern and the Thirsty Scholars read and discussed their passage at a pub in Allston, Massachusetts.  The illustration at the bottom of this page was also provided as part of the Thirsty Scholars Reading.

Thanks to all those who participated, and to those who expressed interest and support. Based on feedback I received, I will be preparing a “reading group edition” of the project.

– apc

Copyright 2009 Tim Ahern all rights reserved
Copyright 2009 Tim Ahern all rights reserved

Chart of Parts

Project Finnegans Wake, Section II

Book IV for Nine Readers

Reader  Pages

I       593-596, line 16 (596.16)

II      596.17-600

III     600-603.16

IV      603.17-607

V       607.16-611

VI      611-614.16

VII     617-620.16

VIII    620.17-624

IX     625- end