There will be a partial performance of Section II PROJECT Finnegans Wake on October 20, 2009. This version will be confined to Book IV and will start at 5:15 GMT (12:15 in New York).  Be on the lookout for our readers. They can be anywhere.

Update for October 12, 2009:

Since we announced the October 20 reading, we have had more people interested in participating.  The chart we are using is below. If you send an email or leave a comment on this page, we will send you a section. That, or just choose your own and let us know which section you have selected. You should practice to be sure you can complete your section in 10 minutes. We expect to have Book IV covered and doubling up should be fine.

Reader  Pages

I       593-596, line 16 (596.16)

II      596.17-600

III     600-603.16

IV      603.17-607

V       607.16-611

VI      611-614.16

VII     617-620.16

VIII    620.17-624

IX     625- end

If you would like to take part in this or future readings, contact bend of bay.