Once upon a time there was this man and this man woke up in the morning and as it was warm outside he said: Oh Christ. It’s June. Where had the winter gone and where had the springtime gone. What had happened to the spring, his favorite time of the year, the time of year when he enjoyed nothing better than aerating the lawn and cleaning up the litter that had blown into his gardens to be subsequently covered in snow? What had happened to the springtime when he dug out his spreader from the garage in order to store his snow shovels in its space and then over seed the lawn and afterward change the oil, air filter and spark plug on the mower? Where had it gone, the last little mound of snow by the sidewalk, the remnant of a battlement he had built both to provide access to his driveway via the removal of snow from the drive to the battlement, and simultaneously provide enjoyment for his son and not a few of the other children in the neighborhood as well? Where had it gone? Was it possible he had slept through it? Or perhaps this was just a dream, these very experiences and recollections were all part of a dream that he was in the midst of. It may not, for example, be really very hot outside. It may not be really very hot at all. Probably he had forgotten to turn down the heat. Probably he had forgotten to turn down the heat and as he liked to sleep under lots of covers as it made him feel safe snug and warm though he would never, ever admit this to his young son no matter what as his young son sometimes frightened came clamoring into the bed alongside of him and the abundance of blanket and quilt provided his son with additional assurance and the man had to admit that having his own son there too made him feel much better as knowing as a result his son’s precise whereabouts gave him one less thing to worry about and thus one less thing to interrupt or disturb his sleep. But the heat. If he had failed to turn down the heat as he was saying or rather reasoning trying hard to remember now in his dream if it was in fact a dream if he had turned down the heat it was entirely possible that he had failed to turn down the heat and as a result he had become over-heated beneath the covers thus sparking the chain of events in his brain that caused him to dream that the month was now June and the final days of winter and the entire spring emergence he so dearly loved had passed him by.