in line, waiting for food.

Soldiers, children, stand by cradling Kalashnikovs. Some smile. Some struggle for seriousness of expression adopting mannerisms from satellite TV.

– Join our movement. We have satellite TV.

Meanwhile food is running low. Green broth in steel drums. Is it food, or something else? Coolant.

– Don’t worry. It’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Enough to see you through the day.

The line snakes and swells back to Eden and forward to judgement day. Children keep order.

– You there. Get back in line. You there. Keep moving.

A rumor rolls forward.

– There is not enough food. There is not enough for everyone.

– Don’t worry.

The voice of reason.

– They will bring more.

More is coming.

Sandstorm in the distance.

– Those are trucks. See. More is coming.

The trucks arrive. Soldiers.

– What? No food?

That is a problem.

In this day and age, no less.

What went before, happened next.