“In summary, the anatomic cause of death was acute bronchopneumonia; predisposing factors included dilated cardiomyopathy and pulmonay fibrosis.”

Now that we have all the facts of the case, we can start to recreate the story of his life. Whether we will be able to solve its mysteries is another question.

There was something about the lungs. They seemed to have shown some radiation damage. What could have caused this? I suspect the x-rays.

They asked about alcohol, although there was no sign of liver or other damage. How much of this is based on hearsay, or the suspicions of people like us or the embellishments of the landlord? Read this section with some care.

His lungs had apparently been compromised for some time. What words were used? I have the autopsy. Whatever it was it was unexplained and so the question is whether the cause of this was the same as the cause of what happened to his heart. And what of the radiation – – could it have just been the series of x-rays he got over the years or was one of them botched?

Now that we have the whole story, from beginning to end, we can start to write down the whole story, from beginning to end, and then back again.