The following is derived from an article in The New York Times. The “Dust” series draws on reporting after September 11, 2001.

Dust III (Infinity)

stubs of the buildings continue to burn into infinity

disbelief, signified first by trembling
sight of bodies helplessly tumbling out,
some of them

Every sound was cause
plane appeared overhead.
Was another one coming?

No, lives, but they didn’t know where to east, west?
Stay outside, go indoors?
People hid
the most horrid thought
several panic-stricken hours
yesterday morning, people

 in the unthinkable.

”I don’t know what look like, but it’s got film composer, was having breakfast at a small restaurant on West Broadway. He heard, was work in a downtown building. He heard a jet thought it was too low. into the north face of engine trouble. He didn’t try to maneuver. the sides of the buildings, and at first it wasn’t clear what they were. of people doing tai chi merely looking out. were standing her dress was billowing out. towers, people felt it without  As the doors opened, she know it, but the first plane had just hit several to our suite, she said. was so much debris in the air she couldn’t breathe. Port Authority rescuers finally steered her to investment banking firm, was sitting before his computer terminal of others, began their descent. I got to to get out now.”

the entourage was stuck
were working the hall
down the steps.’
we got out.

Other people several blocks away.
She hurried and found her daughter.
”I just grabbed her up.

People lost their keys,
”It was horrible. I felt sirens blaring, sped downtown, people stood and gaped was to come.

Reason dictated caution, to get out but she was overcome with

Everyone had left.
Even so, worker crouched down next to an inhaler and hugged her.

Some to drop his son off and people looked up.
Another one,
they thought.
” to list in one direction and them began to floor exploded out for about floors, before the cloud obscured it all.”

 air rained white ash and plaster dust, coating people

 had just gotten out thought it was a marketing face of death.

 Michael couldn’t do anything to get out of there.’ and it began to dissipate into the air.

empty space where be.
Where did it go?
onlookers stayed put, frozen in and watched the smoke dissolve.
People cried at what they saw:
”The dust was about the doors and turned on the radios, hear what was happening.

The plane at the Pentagon, the plane in Pittsburgh. Manhattan Hospital to donate blood.

pay phones,
but many didn’t work.

They can’t hurt us in afternoon,
hundreds of rescue workers remained outside
stubs of the buildings continue to burn into infinity.