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Silence is the internet mailing list that facilitates the discussion of the work of John Cage.  Since December 2002, the list and its archive have been hosted by the University of Virginia, but not all messages prior to that date were retained.  New Albion records continues to maintain an archive of messages extending from 1994 until July 1998.

bendof bay is pleased to provide server space and host messages posted to Silence – The John Cage Mailing List in order to help make all messages since the list’s inception available.

While we are in the process of collecting and organizing messages missing from existing archives into a more user-friendly format, we are making many source messages available in raw form.  Each message set hosted here consists of one, extremely large page – printed, each would fill thousands of pages  – and so it will take some time to fully load. You may want to download the zip file and save it to your hard drive for future reference. You can perform a rudimentary search using the “find” or “search” feature in your browser or word processing program.

bend of bay provides server space to make messages available.  Any questions on a specific message should be directed to its author or the Silence list.

Message Set 1994- September 1999

Click here to enter the 1994-1999 archive.

Click here to download a zip file of the 1994-1999 archive (3.1 meg).

Message Set  1999 –  May 2002

Click here to enter the 1999-2002 archive.

Click here to download a zip file of the 1999- May 2002 archive (1.5 meg).

If you you have messages posted to the list prior to December 30, 2002, we can add them to the archive.   We can be reached by posting to the Silence list or leaving a reply on this page.  (Comments are read, but not published).

Information on the Silence mailing list can be found here: