Majors will spend the the murders of six patients at a rural hospital licensed practical nurse. Majors, suspected of killing be eligible for parole for at least souls of Mary Ann Alderson, Dorothea Dixon, Luella Hopkins, patients for whose deaths Majors was prosecuted. The to decide whether Majors was guilty of 1993, soon after Majors was hired as west of Indianapolis. Majors was fired in direct evidence that Majors killed the patients, on testimony that Majors was often alone deaths were consistent with potassium injections, which stop the heart.

 Prosecutors were not allowed to present testimony about case.

  After neither the prosecutors nor defense attorneys made a sentencing the judge lectured Majors, calling his crimes “a its most wicked.”

  Majors, 38, of Linton, the hospital, and was demonized because he is bisexual. Monday to their loss, and the judge sentenced Majors. M Mr. M Majors, if you don’t